Expectation vs. Reality

As an avid fan of music and all things pop culture, the notion of Graceland was pretty darn magical. The king of Rock and Roll’s epic home seemed like something that was worth the hype, but it sadly was not so. Plastic covers and velvet ropes barred any real entry, no mention was made of his later years, and the house itself was unremarkable. It was beautiful, but just not quite beautiful enough, considering the amount of time and money invested by all the investors and tourists visiting. Nonetheless, I was provided with an in depth education on Elvis’ filmography, awards, and outfits, which I absolutely adored. Additionally, I liked hearing more of his music, as I hadn’t heard much before. The advent of the notion of superstardom marked a turning point in how fame is acquired and perceived by both those who possess it and those who witness it. As a monumental fan of Lady Gaga, I find all this very intriguing, for the notion of celebrity is forever evolving, and fame can bring on a meteoric rise or a plummeting downfall, often both. 


Another instance of a disconnect between that which is expected and that which occurs was dinner the other night, which was highly rated online and then resembled leftovers from a 1980’s meal in real life. Alas, these things happen. Similarly, lunch today was met with eagerness and left with stomach growls and mild dejected feelings. 

Further, today we checked into a hotel on the premises of a wildlife sanctuary that houses Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, other wild cats, and bears. It looked good online, but sadly turned out to be rather gross, in poor repair, and accompanied by surely depressed tigers living within inadequately sized pens (It was also mad sketchy). Thus, we looked at the tigers and left. Moral of the story: never trust Yelp, and if you can manage, sue tripadvisor ASAP.  

Things aren’t always what they seem, and even if you hope they are, you’re quite possibly wrong. 

This has been today’s inspirational PSA. Enjoy the road trippin’ updates!

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  1. Mariah and Maggie you need to get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio sometime. Elvis exhibit is wonderful there and Cleveland has a great art museum and orchestra! Love, Nancy


  2. There is a long history in America of side shows and traveling minstrels that conjure up decadence, caveat emptor swindles and the grotesque. You are simply finding the current end of a long historic thread….


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