Dallas Without The Theme Song

When Harry and I were newlyweds we rarely turned on our television with one weekly exception. DALLAS. Inexplicably, we were both hardcore fans of the show and arranged our work and social commitments to ensure that we would rarely miss an episode.  As Mariah and I drove into Dallas today, I anticipated seeing something, anything, that would let me know that we had arrived in the land of Southfork, the home of the Ewings. It did not happen. I am trying to remain strong for Mariah, but I am experiencing this dissapointment as a solid punch to the gut. In an effort to keep my spirits up, Mariah and I visited the Nasher Sculpture Center. I have wanted to see their permanent collection since their opening in 2003 (after they refused entreaties by several of the most prestigious museums in the country and founded their own museum to keep their collection in Dallas). Time spent with the sculptures of Picasso, De Kooning, Gauguin, Moore, Calder, Matisse, Oldenburg, Giacometti, Rodin and Noguchi is prime time. Unfortunately, a number of their other marquee pieces recently were removed from view in a highly unusual move by their senior curatorial staff to make room for an installation of contemporary work. Dallas. Dallas. Dallas. I have driven my youngest daughter a couple of thousand miles to get here and I just want to hear your theme song rise to a crescendo, see JR and Sue Ellen, and view Lichtenstein’s “Head With Blue Shadow” and Brancusi’s “The Kiss”.  Is that really too much to ask?  Instead you install an indoor ice skating rink in the upscale mall next to our hotel and operate it during a major heatwave. Dallas, I frankly just don’t know what to make of your behavior. Fortunately, one of Harry’s parents’ best friends lives in Dallas.  Mariah and I were taken to a lovely dinner by the indomitable and scintillating Winnie Campagna.  I am guessing if we had listened closely we might have discovered that she had her own theme song.    




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  1. Wendy met her ex husband at Southfork. If you had more time, we could have visited it. Yes, I do have my own song, at least it’s one with which I identify.

    Loved the visit! Only HB was missed by me 😦


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