Verizon on the open road

Newsflash: Verizon wireless does not like Texas. During the 4 hour drive  today, I was unable to abide by my usual schedule of gazing out the window, picking music to play, and browsing various social media when the  cornfields became gratuitous. This is because I couldn’t get on the Internet, text anyone, or even get on Instagram for at least three hours of this drive. It was eye-opening in some ways, mostly because this made me unable to take a nap (This was a play on words – it’s been a long day). However, there were ample views of cattle, trailer parks, eccentric street signs, and extremely aggressive drivers when the occasional car (usually a Ford, circa the Paleolithic age) passed by. Today’s highlight, by far, was the realization that on the side of the road were cacti. This means we’re almost near the desert, which in turn means that we are closer to the lapse in light pollution that comes with near-vacant, arid deserts. I have an app on my phone that shows where the constellations are based upon where you point your phone, and I’m excited to see the constellations in real life, instead of just on a screen. This could certainly serve as a metaphor for the advent of technology in the digital age and how this affects the manner in which people perceive the natural environment. Simply put, I really like stars, and I’m really excited to see them outdoors where they’re easy to see. Also, it should be noted that I did end up taking a nap in the car.  


Categories: Mariah


  1. There is much to be learned with a cellphone and an internet connection….but much to be discovered & contemplated without either. Enjoy the West,. You are the wind Mariah, born (as the song goes) “under a wandering star”. XOXO


  2. Yep, we sure have big sky and lots of stars here… Drive safe.. Nothing under 75 miles an hour and not over 90.. That’s what Texans do…and leave the cellphone and internet for the hotels đŸ™‚


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