Keepin’ it real at Rushmore

In 8th grade art class, I was given an opportunity to make a clay bust of a popular, influential figure. This was supposed to take a few months, yet I somehow dragged in on for a full year and then never got around to glazing and painting it. To this day the small statue I made (of Lady Gaga, because who else?) stands unfinished on a table in my house. Considering the effort, focus, and time this took, I can only imagine how the creators of Mt Rushmore felt. It took 14 years to carve this momentous monument, and the artistry, finesse, and dedication that it took is a lasting testament to the American Dream. Rushmore was beyond stunning, and though no picture can do it justice, there are several below. We also had the opportunity to view a museum describing the tools and toils of the sculptors and workers, which shed new light on the creation of this monument and all that was required for it to reach fruition. 


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