Birthday Baby

My grandmother’s words are ringing true. Where does the time go?

We have called Mariah our “Millennium Edition” since she was born early in the morning eighteen years ago today. It is hard for me to believe that our youngest little pink bundle is all grown up. The first thing Mariah said when she awakened this morning was “I have to register to vote.”  She makes me proud every day.

Tomorrow, she will write about today’s adventures.  I will just share with you that many weeks ago, Mariah selected both of the Detroit restaurants that we visited on her birthday. A hot dog place for lunch and a rib joint for dinner.  She chose well.



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  1. Happy Birthday Starfish ⭐️ 🐠!!! Looking great on your birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with knowledge, joy, love and adventure! Love you!

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