No Bottles of Beer on the Wall

In order to prevent me from singing songs from my 1960’s childhood for the next eight weeks – my daughter Sarah created a playlist for us on my iPod for each and every state through which Mariah and I would travel.  A band called “Vampire Weekend” sang to us as we left Cape Cod, Ike and Tina Turner belted “Sweet Rhode Island Red”, followed by Judy Garland/Bing Crosby in Connecticut, Jay Z/Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift in New York, Bruce and more Bruce in New Jersey, and Elton John and The Andrews Sisters in Philly.  This bodes well.

Near the end of our first day’s travels to see our Philly-based daughters, Harry, Mariah, Jenny and I concluded our Route 95 drive with a late night meal at a classic New Jersey diner.  We  were joined by Chance, Catherine and Rose Van Sciver. At least, we think that is what happened.  We were sleepy and they looked familiar. 

We arrived at last after midnight in my hometown, the City of Brotherly Love.  We were were greeted by Daughterly Love.  What could be better?


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  1. Gee — I had my bags all packed, hoping you’d stop by and take me with you! C’mon, three generations together for eight weeks! I bet there are songs from my childhood that even Sarah doesn’t know.


  2. It was definitely us… Great to see you and looking forward to hearing more about the trip as it progresses!! Lots of love!


  3. Did Sarah include “Uneasy Rider” by the Charlie Daniels Band when you get down into redneck country?


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