Of Mice and Men and Moms

About when it started snowing last December, Mariah and I began identifying and researching the places we wanted to visit this summer. By last week we had designed an incredibly detailed and comprehensive 89 page itinerary outlining each and every day’s plan. We included the results of our research on the opening hours, addresses, hyperlinks, photographs and confirmation numbers for our reservations at dozens of accommodations and sights.

So here we are a mere two days into our trip and thus far Mariah and I have essentially abandoned our itinerary in favor of spontaneous visits with good friends who happened to be in Philadelphia. Robert Burns was onto something … the best laid plans of mice and men and moms often go awry.

Rebecca, Nancy, George, Maggie, Harry, Mariah and Hannah enjoying a Quick Fixx on South Street


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  1. good lunch, great friends, funny family. Apologies to Robert Burns, “gang aft aglay” 🙂 The first few days you two have been constrained by most of your fam damily, sort of like sailing in a crowded harbor. Tomorrow you cast off the lines and set sail on the open sea…er road.


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