We drove to Atlanta intending to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and my brother and his family.  With temperatures forecasted in the high 90’s, Mariah and I decided to bail on our visiting the gardens plan. Instead, we spent the afternoon with Greg (my brother/Mariah’s Uncle), Suzy (my sister-in-law/Mariah’s Aunt), Alex (my nephew/Mariah’s cousin) and Steve (who seemed relieved not to be related to any of us).  Suzy surprised Mariah at lunch with an incredibly thoughtful and delicious early birthday cupcake.  As the outside temperature reached 100 degrees, we forced Steve to take a great many photographs of the rest of us until we all remembered to open our eyes and smile in unison. This took us quite awhile, but at least was an indoor air-conditioned activity. After Alex and Steve made their getaway – Mariah and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and evening with Suzy and Greg.  Tomorrow, we are heading out early to see Atlanta’s Aquarium and then drive to Birmingham, Alabama. The heat wave is projected to continue until the end of the week, so we have our fingers crossed that we are greeted by A/C as we travel. 



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  1. Yesterday we drove from SW Florida to Hilton Head, going from a balmy yet comfortable 85 to a heat index of 107. We continue northward. Too bad we couldn’t have connected somewhere.


  2. Great pictures. Did MMariah have any trouble blowing out the candle? A word to the wise — your Jeep will last longer in the 100-degree heat if you take it OUT of 4WD on the highway. Gas mileage will improve too 🙂

    XOXO Miss you both!


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