Back at Biltmore

Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting Biltmore, America’s largest house and privately owned estate. Asheville, the city in which it’s located, is a hip, pretty rad town. The Vanderbilt mega-mansion-European-castle-esque property stands in stark juxtaposition to the modernity of Asheville and the estate’s inherent context. As part of the immersive experience of viewing and touring Biltmore, we went on a Segway tour through the grounds. Segwaying requires a finite amount of finesse, and our guide and instructor, Sara, provided ample instruction and training, as well as tangential information on the background of Biltmore’s landscape architecture. Biltmore is beautiful, and being able to see this feat of architecture and American innovation was awe-inspiring. Sadly, no photos were permitted inside, but I rebelled and took an artsy shot of the medieval style chandelier that hangs down through the grand stairwell. Thus is the nature of tourists. 

Biltmore Estate


you weren’t supposed to take photos inside…


Segway selfie game strong


Biltmore Lagoon


I took this photo whilst atop a segway


Me and Sara

Hope you enjoy our road trippin’ updates.  

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