It Happened Very Quickly

Neither Mariah nor I have ever watched a NASCAR race.  Mariah does not yet have the faintest clue how to drive a car. Notwithstanding our obvious knowledge gap, we jumped in with both feet and spent the morning visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina.  We had a terrific time.  Mariah and I drove in simulated races at high speeds, learned a great deal about the genesis of racing in America (it began with moonshine runs to outrun law enforcement), and were introduced to a hugely popular American cultural phenomenon about which we had no prior knowledge.  We felt like strangers in a strange land – relieved to discover that the natives were gracious, warm and welcoming. 

We then drove (at normal speeds) under sunny skies and white fluffy clouds to Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is hip and cool and trendy in the genuine way that cities all over America try to emulate unsuccessfully. It is a fascinating, vibrant place.  We wish we had scheduled a longer stay here.  We were joined at dinner by the exceedingly lovely Maddy Friedman (Peter and Abby’s eldest daughter) who is now living and working here.  She was eleven only yesterday and yet she appeared at dinner, poised, beautiful and in her mid-twenties.  It was wonderful to share a meal with her.    


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  1. Giving some serious side-eye to the that absurd “moonshiners started auto racing in America” claim. But I’m glad you guys are having a good time. We can clear up any pesky little historical inaccuracies when you get back home. #missyou #sleeptight


    • Until yesterday we didn’t even know that NASCAR was an acronym. But they were all in on this version of their origin story. Do you think it is entirely apocryphal?


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