Southern Charm

The most striking thing about North Carolina is probably just the vibe. Forget hostility-there’s only charm and politeness to the people here, whether a passerby or a waitress or a tour guide. The word hostility has instead been replaced with the phrase ‘ya’ll’, and the word rude has been swapped out for an aura of openness and welcome. Moving on from the personality, the Southern aesthetic is beyond the breadth of my prior comprehension. Sunsets over cornfields certainly broaden one’s horizons (this was a play on words – look out for those). There are stunning mountains that loom nearby the speedy highways that traverse vast expanses of the country and even venture through the heart of such mountains in (hopefully structurally sound) tunnels. Notably, the speed limit is higher than in Cape Cod, so all of the gorgeous scenery tends to pass by rather quickly. Adding to the delightfulness of our Southern venture was a visit from Maddy, with whom we shared an excellent meal and from whom we gleaned a great deal of fun knowledge about the South and the area in which we’re staying.  

Me, Mom, and Maddy

Among the nearby sites is Biltmore, America’s largest privately owned estate, which I can’t wait to see tomorrow. Prior to a fantastic dinner, we also enjoyed the cultural opportunities in Charlotte, which we left this afternoon. As I mentioned earlier, the south does have a distinct personality and flavor to it. Cars are a big part of this. Sadly, I can’t drive, and if I could I’d advise you to stay off the roads because I show very little promise. Nonetheless, the people of North Carolina like their cars, and it was well on display at the NASCAR hall of fame, which we visited today. 

Hope you enjoy our road trippin’ updates. 

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  1. Hey Y’all. I’m really enjoying the updates. It’s nice to feel like we’re along for the ride!! Give your Mom a hug from me.


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