Our Humpty Dumpty Day

In today’s newspaper, it was reported that airlines are arriving on time more often based on a month to month comparison. The best of the bunch arrived when scheduled over 81% of the time in April. This was not the case today for Mariah and me. We left Roanoke, Virginia quite a bit later than planned this morning, blaming our demagnetized room keys for contributing to our delay. We then stopped in West Virginia en route to Charlotte, North Carolina. We had decided to enjoy a quick brunch in West Virginia since it was almost on our way and in doing so we would add another state to Mariah’s tally of visited states. On the plus side, John Denver’s “Take me Home, Country Roads” turned out to be an accurate description of West Virginia. It is gorgeous there. The brunch place we had selected in advance, “The Omelet Spot”, purported to be an iconic, delicious, storied cafe frequented by appreciative locals. It was not. Much delayed, we then slowly followed a convoluted traffic-jam-laden path to Charlotte. We arrived more than an hour late for a two hour culinary walking tour during which we were supposed to EAT DRINK and WALK leisurely through Uptown Charlotte. Instead, we scarfed, inhaled and scampered behind an apparently lovely group of people who had arrived as scheduled for the culinary tour. It wasn’t pretty. Resigned to our fate, we were last in line to take-off, a delayed Spirit Airlines behind their on-time Delta. 


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