Long Time No See

We spent the morning touring the somber, pristine Antietam Battlefield under sunny skies.  Within minutes of returning to our car, the skies darkened and thunder cracked.  We drove for nearly three hours through torrential rains and high winds to visit Monticello.  At one point I may have seen the wicked witch fly by pedaling madly on her bicycle.  Yup, it was that bad.  When we arrived at Monticello, we were greeted by the news that all tours of Mr. Jefferson’s home were suspended because of the risks posed by the storm.  Very disappointing. It has been a long time since Mariah (accompanied by her sisters) caught up with TJ.    


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  1. Did you know that This Jefferson was an epicurean? He was influenced by the writings of Lucretius (that the pursuit of simple pleasures and avoidance of pain are the most important human endeavor). That’s why he included the “pursuit of happiness” in his initial “Decl Indy” Blog. (Just trying to contribute to the discussion…..)

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    • Jefferson also established the Library of Congress, selling his huge personal library to the United States at a discount when he encountered financial difficulty. He presided over the Louisiana purchase, sent Lewis and Clark Westward, and was an amazing engineer, an expert horseman, a good musician and a fair poet.


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