Flashback Friday

This morning we had an incredibly informative, thorough, eye opening tour of Antietam. From the ‘Bloody Cornfield’ to Burnsides Bridge, there was ample opportunity to delve into the rich history of the turmoil of The American Civil War.  

Burnsides Bridge

Tactics, troop movements, and the imperative positioning of an army’s flank were all elucidated and elaborated upon. We’ve been traversing Virginia’s verdant countryside and tumbling hillsides. Later today, we’re going to Monticello, which is very exciting because I was assigned to do a project on Thomas Jefferson in 4th grade, thus resulting in a since untapped compendium of eclectic trivia. All of these immersive historic experiences allow us to delve into the unfathomable. Did you catch that play on words? (It’s like delving as in diving into, such as diving into a pool, and then unfathomable has the word fathom, which is a measurement of distance in terms of depth of a body of water). I have a lot of time on my hands; my mom’s driving and my responsibilities consist of DJing and backseat driving, including learning how on earth a GPS works, (another play on words) as opposed to how a GPS works on Jupiter. 

Enjoy our sporadic roadtrip updates. 

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  1. Impressive punning. The “Civil” War was not so civil, eh? Now for extra credit, spell Antietam phonetically 🙂 And for extra, extra credit – which of our ancestors was married to Ulysses Grant’s grandson?


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