On Balance

We filled our sweltering Washington DC day today with a plethora of sights and sounds. In the morning, our extremely fine Congressman, Bill Keating, secured a behind-the-scenes FBI tour for us that included an impressive firearms demonstration and a thoughtfully presented yet gut-wrenching exhibit on the FBI’s ongoing role to combat domestic and international terrorism. Tough stuff. 

We visited the Phillips Museum and the National Geographic Museum in the afternoon.  We hadn’t planned it in advance, but when taken together, the Phillip’s world class art collection and NatGeo’s interactive scientific exhibits offer a welcome reminder that when given the opportunity, people will ultimately embrace beauty and reason over the alternatives.  

Tonight was our second night staying in Maryland with Marge Walsh and her honey of a husband, Bill.  Marge was our three eldest daughters’ second grade teacher beginning in the mid-1990’s.  Now Mariah understands clearly why Marge is considered a semi-mythical being in our family lore. 

It was a full day.  We’ll sleep heavy tonight and hit the road in the early morning. 


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