Featuring Fish and Flight

Visiting Georgia Aquarium is an assault on the senses. Sound waves wash over the casual observer as they walk the cement pathway to the grandiose entrance. A voiceover by an enthusiastic fish sets the scene, and the oppressive heat beating down through the glass windows walking in provides a lovely reminder of Hotlanta. Past ticket booths and bag inspections lies an atrium. Various exhibits and highlights are clearly pointed out by well-designed signage, and crowds can be seen splitting up and following the path to separate exhibitions. Ocean Voyager, the first exhibit we viewed, had a gigantic tank containing many tons of water. In order to sufficiently view the vast expanse of water to the left, right, and above, there was a conveyor belt of sorts that traveled down the main hallway of the display. Beyond that was a huge, several feet thick window into the gargantuan tank, which offered many opportunities for panoramas gone wrong (I’m totally not posting those – they’re actually terrible). Further, we visited two other exhibits, providing an opportunity to see cute penguins, moody Beluga whales, and even a totally rad dolphin show, among other things. I had never been to an aquarium before, (at least that I can remember) so this visit was especially eye opening and unique.     

Today, from Huntsville Alabama, we visited and toured the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and Martial Space Flight Center. There were many large rockets and robots. ‘Twas very exciting. I took a 90 hour course on flight science 3 years ago at Mt. Holyoke College through JHU CTY, so re-exploring these concepts and the inherent science was very fun. 



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  1. Mariah you write beautifully (and with wry humor). We are experiencing America vicariously through you and Mom. XOXO. PS – the sweet, free, open, expansive and and funny aspects of America, not the grim aspect that was on display in Charleston.


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERIAH!! I know you were 15 yesterday,(so sorry the day flew by me) Thanking of you and MOM and LOVING your comments and pictures…feel as though we are with you. Thanks for letting us join your adnventures.
    Keep up enjoying the ride.

    Marcy and Gene


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