Deep thoughts

New Mexico is gorgeous. I’ll start with that. Yesterday, we visited Carlsbad Caverns, which took us below the idyllic mountains and fields, down to caverns over 800 feet below ground. When we got in the elevator to go down to where the actual tour took place, in the caverns, there were two men with hard hats that looked very intense also riding. I expect they were on a different tour, though, because ours comprised of walking along a fairly smooth path with a few inclines and the occasional drip of water. There was nothing that required a hardhat, nor any practical footwear, which is good, because I was wearing converse.  Sadly, few photos turned out well with the lighting seeing, as it is underground, but a few were decent, and those are attached below. One of the fun things about touring cunderground in a relatively small group of people is that you may end up getting to know one of your fellow group members. I was fortunate enough to do so, and a new acquaintance taught me a memorable saying to remember which formations are stalagmites and which are stalactites. Stalactites hold on tight, as they hang from the ceiling, and stalagmites might reach the top, for they are on the ground. What was really stunning about Carlsbad, in addition to the aesthetic, was the realization that we were literally below hundreds of feet of solid rock in these vast, for the most part naturally made, huge caverns. People are very concerned about what they create, because that’s what society drives people to do: to make a name for themselves, to create something, to contribute, and to make a legacy. Notably, all of my online presence on every social media I’ve ever used takes up less space than an eighth of the smallest crevice in the most reclusive corner of the cavern. While on the tour, there were several occasions during which the guide had everyone put away their phones and he turned off the artificial lighting. The ensuing vibe was very different than the one that existed prior, and it set the stage for the rest of the experience to be very different as well. The point I’m trying to make here is that nature makes things far grander than a hashtag, and that you can appreciate and enhance your life with technology in all sorts of ways, but  you shouldn’t overlook nature in the process.  



rocks in fun shapes


the texture was cool


pretty darn vast perspective


i hope this is structurally sound


an entrance to Narnia


carlsbad closing credits


this is just what happens when you take a panorama on the move

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  1. As great as the pictures are, nothing can compare with being there, can it? You did very well in your descriptions too… 🙂


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