Rio Grande? More like Rio GRANDEUR 

The pun above has been made before; I am aware of that, and I appreciate the artistry of those before me. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge posed many opportunities for photo ops and contemplation. Visually, it’s stunning, and no picture can really do that justice. Scrawled and carved and scratched along the railings on either side were messages and signatures ranging from disturbing to inspirational, though all were thought-provoking. Tourists and professional  photographers alike strolled across and stopped at observation balconies that jutted out from the walkway. From where we parked to where I walked, there were mountain goats visible below, jumping and looking altogether too cute and fragile to be frolicking around sharp rocks like that. Due to the incessant calling and photographs being taken by others, they soon left and went down the hill closer to the river itself. They looked like they were having fun. I walked along the bridge on either side for a good 30 minutes, and every second was worth it. This is definitely a sight worth seeing. 

clouds n’ rocks n’ water

bam it’s vertical


inspiration takes many forms


typohraphical conflict of interest?


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