Thank You Note

Mariah and I said goodbye to Mary Ann and Bruce this morning. Thanks to their gracious hospitality, we left their home well-rested, well-fed, with clean clothes and wonderful memories. If there were a Tripadvisor-like site  where one rated visits to friends and family, these guys would garner the top-rating. On reflection, we have been incredibly fortunate in this regard throughout our cross-country road trip. Mariah and I are traveling with more luggage than my grandparents brought with them in steerage on their boat from Russia to America. And yet, all of our friends and family have opened their homes, refrigerators, and washer/dryers to us, entertained us, and treated us like royalty. Mariah and I are incredibly appreciative. We drove to the Denver International Aiport to pick-up Harry midday. Then, with our newly installed chauffeur at the wheel, we continued onward to Cheyenne, Wyoming. This was the longest period of time Harry and I have been apart since the day we met in 1986. Harry survived this Herculean test rather well thanks to our daughters, Hannah and Rebecca, who hosted Harry for a weekend in Philly; the remarkable Jenny, who manages our lives with equal parts brilliance, humor and love; his fraternity brother, Ed, who visited for a few days with his son; and a bunch of friends and neighbors who went on play dates with him. It takes a village.  


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  1. Yes. It was really tough being away from all that estrogen. Now, I’m back in the saddle :-). Seriously it’s great to see maggie and mariah’s little faces and hear the never-boring product of their fertile minds. Wyoming is beautiful rolling country. Saw 4 pronghorn antelope yesterday, first I have seen in many years (“for what can an antelope say?”) There is enough grandeur and majesty lingering out here so that I can truly appreciate Red Cloud’s position.


  2. I believe Miss Maggie might be right smitten by the west! I can’t wait to pack my cameras and my drone into the truck (yet to be purchased) and git on out there on the range!


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