All The Places We Didn’t Have Time to Describe 

Mariah and I have not had enough time or decent Internet service to blog about some of the wonderful places we visited since we left Yellowstone National Park last week.  So to help us keep track of where we have been but not yet written about – here is a summary of our recent itinerary and all of the places we plan to describe as soon as we have the time and a really good internet connection. As you may recall, after we left Yellowstone on Thursday, July 9, we drove to Utah and visited the Dinosaur National Monument. (A post about that experience was published a day or so ago.)  

The next day, Friday, July 10, we drove to Mesa Verde, Colorado to visit two exquisite sites. In the late morning we toured Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah. We followed that tour with a late afternoon drive through Arches National Park. The following day, on Saturday, July 11, we toured the Ancestral Cliff Dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park with a park ranger. That night we drove to Monument Valley, Utah and slept in a more-primitive-than-we-expected Navajo Hogan in Oljato, Utah. On Sunday, July 12, we had an incredible private tour of the Navajo Nation Monument Valley Park.  

The night of July 12, (last night), we slept in Kokopelli’s cave in Farmington, New Mexico. (The post about the cave was just published).

It is no wonder that we have not yet posted about our travels from Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 12.  We have been filling our days from morning to night.  So here’s the plan: as soon as we come up for air – we will post about our adventures during this jam-packed period.  We have some great photographs and memories to share.  In the meantime, however, we will try to keep current and continue to post about the places we are seeing in the days and weeks ahead.  

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  1. What wonderful experiences you and Moriah (and most recently Harry) have been able to share with each other! Your travelogue and photos provide an unparalleled view of parts of our country. The times you’ve shared with us and those that are “just yours” will be with you forever. Thank you for sharing, continued safe travels and I look forward future posts.


  2. Mariah, sorry for the spelling error in my earlier comment. You name is too beautiful to make such a foolish error. I’m enjoying you posts and photos. What a fabulous way to spend your summer! Enjoy the remainder of your trip.


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