Once More Unto the Breach

After concluding our prior cross-country trip in August of 2015, Mariah and I did not plan to travel together for an extended period of time ever again. We drove 10,504 miles over an eight week period zigzagging across the southern half of the United States. Against the odds, we somehow managed not to take one another’s life despite her unjustifiable total lack of appreciation for Bob Dylan. In fact, certain threats may have been made which involved never driving anywhere for any reason in the same car ever again.

It is four days after Mariah’s high school graduation and we have embarked on another cross-country adventure. This time we will travel for six weeks along the northern route. We will take a few short flights along the way to reduce our driving time a bit. Today, we flew from Boston to Indianapolis to get things started.

Why tempt fate? What changed?

I’m not really sure.

We are reusing this blogging platform from our last trip over Mariah’s objections. She doesn’t like that the name isn’t relevant anymore. It is fine with me. I gave up trying to be on trend years ago.

Wish us luck, and if you are so inclined please follow our mother-daughter travel blog for the next six weeks.

And one other thing: last year when Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize, Mariah texted me to share the good news. Just saying. The times they are a changin’.






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  1. Buon viaggio! One of the blessings of my many years at CCA was getting to know your family. I look forward to following you across country.

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    • MJ,
      Thanks for following this blog, it means a great deal to us. As soon as we get home yuo and I need to have lunch together to catch up on YOUR summer adventures. xo


    • Marge,
      Lyle’s friend, Lillith, is having the adventure of her life. Just so you know, Lilith, Mariah and I are all sending you and Bill our love. xo


  2. A humorous and heartfelt beginning to what I’m sure will be a grand adventure. Love and miss you both and can’t wait to read and hear all about your excursions, explorations, and of course all the people you meet along the way!

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